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Meatza - Apples & Goat Cheese

Meatza - Apples & Goat Cheese

A beefy meat crust topped mozzarella, goat cheese, local apples, sauteed onions and our spicy honey drizzle. Garnish is spicy honey. 

Ingredients: Ground longhorn beef, pasture raised eggs, mozzarella*, goat cheese, apples, onions*, Goodflow raw honey, korean chili flakes, cayenne, Redmond Real Salt, oregano

*Organic ingredient

Choose your side! 

Bone Bone Rice: Nutrient dense rice, cooked with our house made bone broth, carrots, mushrooms and onions.

Ingredients: White rice*, bone broth, carrots*, mushrooms*, onions*, house seasoning, butter*, Redmond real salt, black pepper*

Egg Noodles: Our specialty carnivore egg noodles full of protein and extra low carbs!

Ingredients: Pasture raised eggs, beef gelatin, Redmond's real salt

Buttery Butternut Squash: Locally sourced butternut squash roasted with tallow, butter and salty goodness!

Ingredients: Butternut squash, beef tallow, butter*, Redmond Real Salt

*Organic ingredient



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